Do you have a smile that you would like to improve? Are you hoping for a more esthetically pleasing smile and at the same time restore optimal function in your mouth?

In this column, we will discuss a solution to a common and often frustrating problem- A Smile Makeover!

A smile makeover has become one of the most requested procedures at dental offices today. A smile makeover combines a variety of cosmetic dental procedures to provide patients with a life changing experience. A smile makeover can correct the following:

  • Misaligned or crooked teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Stained, yellowed or unattractive teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Damaged teeth (chipped or fractured)
  • Old or unattractive fillings
  • Smile Enhancement

Several procedures can be done to create a beautiful smile. Some of the procedures include: Teeth Whitening, Veneers, White Fillings, Fast Braces or Invisalign, Crowns and Dental Implants.

Teeth Whitening- Professional teeth whitening improves smiles by removing discoloration and yellowing from the surface of teeth. The treatment works safely, quickly and painlessly to make smiles up to six shades whiter.

Veneers– These are thin, shell like layer of porcelain that are natural looking and placed over existing teeth that have flaws: such as chips, fractures or discolored spots. Veneers are like fake fingernails glued on the surface of your natural fingernail. Also, veneers are minimally invasive.

White Fillings/Bonding– White fillings are tooth colored fillings and bonding that are cosmetically pleasing. If the back of your mouth is filled with the silver fillings, they may be replaced with white fillings.

Braces or Invisalign– Fast Braces can be used to correct misaligned teeth and close spaces. Treatment can be as short as 3-6 months. Invisalign or clear aligners are close to invisible devices that move your teeth. Treatment times are usually 6 to 18 months.

Crowns– Sometimes referred to as “Caps”, which are constructed and used to cover and protect teeth that have large fillings or can fracture.

Dental Implants- Dental implants are regarded as the best solution to replace missing teeth. They are natural looking and are expected to last a lifetime. Implants go a long way to help you feel confident about your smile and your bite.

Discover if you are a candidate for a smile makeover, by answering the following three questions:

  • Are you unhappy with your smile?
  • Can your smile concerns be addressed with cosmetic dentistry?
  • Are you ready to enjoy smiling without hesitation?

If the answer to all three of these questions are yes, a life changing Smile Makeover may be a great option for you.

Dr. Kendal V. O. Major is Founder and CEO of Center for Specialized Dentistry which is a comprehensive family dental practice operating in Nassau and Freeport. He is the first Bahamian Specialist in gum diseases and dental implants since 1989. He also is a certified Fastbraces provider. His practice is located at 89 Collins Avenue, Nassau at (242)325-5165 or [email protected].



Benefits of a crown tooth #8 (Upper Right central incisor)

Clear Fast Braces- 3-6 months duration








Porcelain Veneers- thin yet very strong and minimally invasive

Before and After Veneers- a life changing benefit

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  • Juliette Hanson says:

    Hi my name is Juliette Hanson, a mother of 3, 35 years old and unemployed. I have the desire to get my entire mouth fixed up and bring back my smile again but due to been unemployed I can only imagine. Your information is GREAT and because of my situation Dr. Almira charged me 1700 for top and bottom plates while Dr. Lockhart charged 1500. I guess when the funds is there I can see to a beautiful smile again. Just happy someone is there to help .

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