Financial Policy

No estimate is a guarantee of payment.
Please understand, you are responsible for all charges not paid by your insurance. While we are in network with most insurance companies, dental insurance generally does not cover all dental expenses. Dental insurance is designed to help reduce your out-of-pocket dental expenses and there will usually be some sort of out-of-pocket expense that you will be expected to pay at the time of service. Reimbursement levels are determined by your insurance provider and generally do not take into account up-to-date regional data in determining the reimbursement level. Additionally, there is no regulation regarding how insurance companies determine these levels. Insurance companies do not guarantee payment on claims and reserve the right to make payments based on their estimation of “Usual and Customary Rates”.
Please provide our staff with your insurance information so that we can take over the hassle of dealing with the insurance companies. Also, make sure to bring your identification card and your insurance card to the office when you come for your visit.
Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. If the parents are separated or divorced, the person accompanying the minor will be responsible for copayment at the time of service.
Payment for treatment is due and payable the day services are rendered. It is our goal, however, to assist all of our patients in obtaining the dental treatment they deserve. As a result, we offer several payment options, including cash, credit card and debit card. For patients with dental insurance, we will file the appropriate claim forms.

Financing your dental work

We are pleased to support you in preparing for the financing of extensive treatment plans. Toward this end we provide financial options through our office or a private finance facility. We also give discounts for full payment of your case prior to treatment.

Insurance Policy

Nearly all major insurance plans accepted

It is our greatest desire to ensure that all of our prospective patients have the opportunity to get the smile they've always wanted.