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Fast Braces

Welcome to State-of-the-Art Technology in Orthodontic Care – FASTBRACES TECHNOLOGY FastBraces is a patented, trademarked Orthodontic treatment that involves what appear to be traditional braces however; this is where the excitement begins.

1. FastBraces looks like traditional braces however, teeth are usually straightened in less than six months
2. FastBraces does not require extractions like traditional braces
3. FastBraces result in considerably less soreness than traditional braces
4. FastBraces assist in bone remodeling by mimicking and continuing the light forces of natural eruption

Firstly, the patented design of the arch wires and brackets seek to move your teeth to an ideal position, as a result, the teeth move to its naturally intended placement. Teeth that are “crooked” or maloccluded are hindered from optimal eruption; FastBraces therefore assists in moving your teeth to the originally intended position.

Secondly, traditional braces generally require all patients to extract four good teeth. Research has determined that since that was not the original intent of our Creator, there is absolutely no need to remove four perfectly good teeth. What Fast Braces does is essentially unravel the teeth that are crowded, line them up and close the spaces where necessary. The result is the top arch matches the bottom arch perfectly.

Thirdly, the added benefit of reduced soreness occurs because FastBraces exerts a torquing force rather than a tipping force. This means the tooth root (within the bone in the mouth) move in one motion laterally, where as in traditional braces, the crown tips, and the root follows creating an unnatural pressure/tension resulting in more cellular inflammation.

Finally, Fast Braces also assist in bone remodeling when teeth are crowded. The crowded tooth usually causes bone lost and increases bacterial build up. Crowded teeth are also more difficult to brush and floss. FastBraces moves the teeth along a natural eruptive path to where they are supposed to be. As a result, the pain or soreness experienced in traditional braces is less and the time it takes to move teeth is usually less than six months versus two years or more.

Essentially, FastBraces is addressing purpose. It utilizes God’s original design and potential of wayward teeth in need of help to come home!

Since introducing FastBraces to the practice, it has added great value to our patients and their families by transforming their smiles and boosting their confidence. I hope this information helps, feel free to go online at for more information and proof of results of this amazing new technology.

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